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downcast_by_hollyrosebriar-d494ggy EDIT

“Downcast” (cropped) by Holly Rose Briar

Have you got any Serenity fan art?
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On Air & In Print

13 Mar 2012, written by

I’ve been interviewed not once but twice in recent weeks.

Melchizedek Todd interviewed me on his Prolifick Radio show, The God Scene With Mel And Nicole.  My interview starts at the 24:43 mark on the Februay 21, 2012 show.  Topics include Serenity, Savage Angels, and other upcoming stories plus the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS).

And speaking of the CCAS, be sure to read Sara Napier’s in-depth article on the organization in New Identity magazine #14, available online.  She does a great job covering the history and purpose of the organization.

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Art Challenge: SERENITY Vs. The 10 Commandments — Brien Sparling art

11 Feb 2012, written by
SerenityYoke by Brien Sparling 12 02 06

This is my entry for the “Serrenity vs. The Ten Commandments” contest.  I could not imagine any scenario in which either Serenity or I could carry the yolk of the Ten-commandments to God’s level of perfection. Happily Ihave enjoyed having Jesus as my yolkmate, and I pictured Serenity making the same discovery here.

– Brien Sparling

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Art Challenge: SERENITY Vs The Ten Commandments

04 Feb 2012, written by

The theme is “Serenity Vs. The Ten Commandments”, the subject is our favorite blue haired girl facing a moral dilemma re one of the Ten Commandments (your choice which Commandment/s).

1.  Single panel illustrations preferred, tho short strips / single page stories are okay.  Any style you prefer (manga, realistic, cartoon, movie poster, chapel ceiling fresco, etc.) is okay.

2.  They can be:

A.  SERENITY: THEN — back before she became a Christian (we’ve established she’s never been pregnant & she’s never murdered anybody; anything else is open, tho we’d suggest if you show her doing something wrong, you also show her about to get caught, i.e., if she’s shoplifting she doesn’t realize a store detective is watching her, etc.)

B.  SERENITY: NOW — facing a moral dilemma after she’s become a Christian (how do we know?  Well, since becoming a Christian she always wears a small cross around her neck, so that’s how to show the difference between then & now; also, while she might succumb to temptation “then” she should be shown resisting it “now”)

C.  SERENITY: MAKE-BELIEVE –Serenity & her friends make amateur movies, so if you want to do an illo where they’re making a film & acting out a scenario based on the Ten Commandments (an elaborate jewel heist, f’r instance), go ahead

3.  Remember our venue, ask yourself if it would fly in an Archie comic or the Luann / Zits / Gil Thorpe /9 Chickweed Lane comic strips; if the answer’s yes, go for it.  (Do not — repeat NOT — use Love Is… as a template! =8O )

Sound Advice From The Late, Great Hugo-Award Winning
Sci-Fi Writer / Cartoonist / Director / Photographer Bill Rotsler:
Short is better than long. 
Funny is better than not funny. 
Short and funny is best of all.

4.  This challenge is for funsies:

A.  No monetary award or compensation offered or implied

B.  Send a link to your art either thru the comments section below or on the SnokieStories Facebook page.  You may show your art on your own blog, any art sites you might belong to (Deviant Art, etc.), and in your portfolio as an example of your abilities

C.  If working in traditional media (i.e., pen & paper) you may sell the original art as an example of your artistic abilities, but please state somewhere on the art the characters are © & TM Buzz Dixon & Snokie (this is for our protection & yours); a little notation in the lower corner is ok

D.  You agree that once your art is posted here, it may cross posted on the SnokieStories Facebook page as examples of your art using the Serenity characters; unless you prefer otherwise, you will be credited as your name appears in your comments or Facebook page

E.  These illos are for online cross-promotional fun; they will not be re-packaged, sold, etc. without first obtaining permission from the artist/s

Challenge begins in 5…4…3…2…1…GO !

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Wanted: More Readers Like Maura

27 Jul 2010, written by 0 Comments
CCAS SDCC 2010 006 Maura

Taken at the Christian Comic Arts Society table at this years San Diego Comic-Con.

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