SAVAGE ANGELS Cover Ideas (part 2)

02 Jun 2012, written by

As we posted earlier, we spend a significant amount of time & effort making sure we have the best cover possible for each book we release.

We gave the extremely talented Holly Knevelbaard a sneak peak at the manuscript* and asked her to work up some ideas.

You’ve already seen one, her airplane concept.  Here’s another try:

Holly called this one “Pray” and it depicts a scene that takes place shortly after the girls manage to reach the island.

Better than the airplane idea, but not quite there yet.  The girls are too small in the image, and there’s no sense of the story itself, what they’re doing there or how they arrived in such a predicament.

So Holly took another swing at a cover idea…



*  She loves it, BTW, and says she would even if we weren’t paying her!  ;)