As A Matter Of Fact, We DO Judge Books By Their Covers…

24 Apr 2012, written by

We’re closing in on the publication of Savage Angels, our new YA adventure novel.  Part of the process is deciding on appropriate cover art.

There’s a couple of three or four ways to go.

Solid color, with big text


Generic landscape photo…

…better, but still not good.

Classic pulp adventure…


 I’m looking for something a little less visceral.  Savage Angels is going to be a fast paced adventure story, but I want a cover with a little more artistic sensitivity, something like…this:

Fortunately, I know an artist who can work in that style:  Holly Knevelbaard

I sent Holly an early draft of the novel after I edited the dinosaurs out.*

She started churning out ideas immediately.

Here’s one of her first roughs, based on the scene where the girls’ airplane is shot down.

I passed on this one.


Mostly technical reasons — the interior is far too modern looking & does not match what a real DC-3 cabin looks like — but a crucial point is that the story takes place mostly on a desert island, not inside an airliner.

So she took another swing at it…

…which we’ll go into in a future post.

Holly will be at San Diego Comic Con this year. 
Be sure to swing by the Christian Comic Arts Society table
and ask her about painting Harry Potter’s shorts.

*  That’s a JOKE, people…